Tattoo Laser & IPL Training (3 days)

This 3-day training includes 2 full days manufacturers machine operators training of guided and supported study on underpinning knowledge and practical application of the treatments you can perform with our Elight and Tattoo removal combo machine, at our Training centre in Rotherham.

Alongside this course you should also complete the 1 day Grade 4 online core of knowledge which can be provided by us with the purchase of your machine.

All these courses are required to gain insurance to provide treatments.

Our Elight and Tattoo removal courses aren’t CPD accredited, therefore it will only benefit you if you purchased our Elight and Tattoo combo machine.

Please note – It is always recommended to check with your local council the requirements for your area as some councils, such as Nottingham, Wales, Ireland and London, do require you to have Level 4 / 5 qualifications.

Cosmetic Machine Training

What you'll Learn

  • What is Elight, IPL and Radio frequency?
  • Client consultation and skin typing
  • Specific treatment application theory
  • Hair reduction / removal
  • Skin treatments
  • How the tattoo treatment works
  • Client consultation and treatments
  • Medical History and contra-indications
  • Practical session
  • Carbon facial
  • Toenail fungal overview


Tattoo removal

Laser tattoo removal breaks down the tattoo by applying intense pulses of light to the ink pigment. As ink absorbs this light energy, pigments break down, becoming smaller. Smaller pigments are then removed by the immune system.

Further treatments possible using your Tattoo removal laser that will be covered on the training day.

  • Carbon Facial treatments –
  • Nail fungal treatments
  • Vascular treatments
  • Pigmentation treatments
  • Thread veins


  • E-Light works in a clever way, using the properties of the RF (radio frequency) current. Firstly, the skin’s temperature is lowered by the cooling technology built into the treatment handset. A pulse of IPL energy is then delivered through the skin which is absorbed by the target.
  • The IPL energy has been carefully set so that it warms but does not destroy the target. When the IPL energy is warming the target, at the same time the RF current is automatically activated.
  • The RF current seeks out the warmest tissue which because of the cooling effect, and the IPL warming of the target structure, it means that the RF current will flow to the target, so both the IPL and RF energy will destroy the target with the combination of the dual attack.

Course Content

The purpose of a Q-switch – how it works.

  • A “Q-Switch” is an electronic device for creating very short pulses of light
  • By using a Q-switch the laser energy is delivered in a very short pulse
  • The energy is absorbed so quickly in the tattoo ink that if the energy setting is correct the tattoo ink rapidly expands and “explodes”
  • The ink is mechanically broken down into fragments
  • The small fragments are able to pass between the fibres holding the tattoo
  • These fragments are removed by the body’s immune system

Semi-permanent make up.

  • Removal of lip liner
  • Removal of Semi-permanent brows

What is Elight, IPL and Radio frequency?

  • E-Light is a combination of IPL and Radiofrequency electrical current used simultaneously for improved results of treatments such as Hair Reduction and permanent removal, Vascular Lesions, Skin Rejuvenation, Acne Reduction, and Pigmentation.
  • Intense pulsed light (IPL) is a cosmetic skin treatment. People may use it to reduce the signs of aging or remove unwanted hair. Other uses include reducing the appearance of scars, lightening darker patches of skin, and improving the appearance of spider veins.
  • Radiofrequency (RF) is the term given to electricity that is being pulsed rapidly at the same speed as radio waves

Combined IPL / Radio frequency action – How does it work?

  • Temperature of Skin is first lowered by cooling technology, built into the treatment handset
  • Pulse of IPL energy is delivered which is absorbed by the target and raises temperature of the selected tissue
  • RF energy is delivered simultaneously but because of the cooling effect, it cannot flow easily through cold tissue
  • As electricity always follows path of least resistance it seeks out the heated target which will have a lower resistance than the surrounding tissue
  • The RF current raises the temperature even more until the target is destroyed

Important advantages of using E-light

  • A higher total level of combined IPL/RF energy can be delivered to the target
  • There is a greater treatment depth due to the RF
  • Because the RF will preferentially heat the structure that has been warmed by the IPL, there is enhanced targeting
  • It is safer on dark skin than IPL alone as RF is not selectively absorbed by Melanin

The treatment process

  • Consultation & paperwork
  • Test patch completed
  • Client has prepared for the treatment e.g shaved the treatment area if needed.
  • Preparation of machine
  • Application of gel (Elight only)
  • Starting the treatment
  • Finishing the treatment

Practical session


  • Student practical – hands-on – on the live model under the strict supervision of a teacher to include consultation, client selection for treatment, treatment procedure.

Tattoo removal

  • After practice on a road map and printed images, if we have a willing volunteer for tattoo removal, you will get to practice on a live model under the strict supervision of a teacher.