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Includes Free information that will help you to avoid the Serious Mistakes people make when buying a tattoo laser removal machine.​

Tattoo Removal Laser Machine - Q Switch ND Yag

Marshalls Lasers, Supplying Laser Tattoo Removal Machines in the UK including Training

Client Testimonial​

Claire Colgin, Sunderland​

"I use this model of machine on a daily basis and it paid for itself in just 6 weeks.

It is used mainly for tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation and it does a really great job of both and since buying this machine my turnover just keeps going up due to referrals.

Our customers are delighted with the results and keep coming back."

More Testimonials Available on request.

If you are serious about buying a professional, effective and UK Legal Tattoo Removal Laser Machine that is fit for purpose, you are looking at the correct machine and company.

If you would like to see one working you are welcome to visit our clinic to see one of these machines in operation.

You are welcome to visit our showroom for a hands on demonstration and receive your training so that you are ready to go when your machine arrives.

These machines are highly profitable for salons and clinics but only if they do a great job.

The machine can be used for the following treatments.

  • Multi Colour Tattoo Removal
  • Carbon Facial Skin Rejuvenation
  • Small area hair removal
  • Make up (lip line, eye line, eyebrow) removal
  • Nevus, freckle, sun spot, age spot removal

​A Free Demonstration is recommended so contact us to arrange a viewing.

Also further information and other laser machines are available so contact us.

This machine is a powerful 1600mj and has a 500w power supply which is important. Many under-powered machines only partly remove tattoos. Always check the specification when looking for a machine because this is important.

You receive manufacturer certified machine operator training with a Certificate issued upon completion.

Manufacturer Machine Operational training is required by law in the UK.

Training is held in Sheffield however it may be possible for us to come to you.

In addition to machine operational training, to operate a laser machine on the public a core of knowledge course is required and this can be completed on-line.

You also receive treatment and consultation forms with the machine. These are also essential when carrying out treatments.

This excellent machine has a one year UK supported warranty to ensure that should anything go wrong, we get you back treating clients and taking money without delay.

For busy clinics, extended fast swap warranties are available.

If you would like me to send you a copy of the manual please call me on 07824429025 or message me.

Buying a machine if you are not experienced is very difficult and can be a very painful and costly experience.

My son opened his clinic and after buying three machines that were either illegal to use, didn't work effectively or broke with no way for him to get them fixed I decided to help him due to my 30 years experience at importing and electronics, and customer support.

The reason I started selling machines was that the machines my son had purchased for his clinic were a waste of money so be careful when selecting a machine.

It is not like buying a microwave or an MP3 player. ;-) In fact it is an absolute minefield.

One machine he purchased from China did not work on arrival and it took 6 weeks and 425 to fix the problem.

The machine you are looking at on this listing is now being used all over England and Scotland and everyone who has one (without exception) is 100% happy with both the machine, and equally importantly the aftercare service.

The machine will be shipped direct from the factory to our uk clinic where it will be fully tested before being either delivered to you or collected by you. Your choice.

This is an excellent efficient and powerful Tattoo Removal machine with a 12 month UK warranty and ongoing support.

Machines os this quality are being sold for thousands of pounds more so get a real bargain.

Special Bonuses

BONUS 1: Additional skin rejuvenation head RRP 200!! NOW Included Free.

BONUS 2: Now also comes with pro red aiming beam laser hand piece worth 850!! (This reduces treatment times and reduces shots used)

Also Included:

Machines of a similar and lower specification are being sold by others for thousands of pounds more and you are looking at a real bargain here.

This machine not only has a high output of 1600mj, it does the job extremely well due to the high quality hand piece. it also looks the part and will give your clients the confidence to keep coming back for more treatments.

Please be aware of under-powered machines that are not up to the job and we recommend that the output is 1600mj at least.

Under powered machines will not fully remove a tattoo. They only partly fade them which will be a little embarrassing for you to say the least.


Multi Colour Tattoo Removal

Carbon Facial Skin Rejuvenation

Small area hair removal (Limited)

Make up (lip line, eye line, eyebrow) removal

Nevus, freckle, sun spot, age spot removal


Laser type Q-Switched ND YAG laser

Wavelength 1064nm & 532nm (Plus 1320nm)

Spot Diameter 1-8mm (Adjustable by distance)

cooling system Air + closed water circulation cooling

Display 8.4' colour touch LCD display

Output power 500W

pulse energy 0- 1600MJ

frequency 1-10HZ

Voltage 230-260V/50-60Hz

Colour White​

Fantastic wheeled trolley available separately.


It is important that when you buy a machine, you have the backup to keep it working. Spare parts and ongoing servicing available. ND Yag lamps require changing around every 400,000 shots and we always have them in stock.

We will either supply the lamps, or fit them for you.

You can contact us on the following number. Even if you would just like advice or a chat.


Mobile: 07824429025​

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