ElectroPulse Body Sculpting Machine

An amazing NEW technology that allows you to help your clients to build muscle and sculp their bodies. No Sweat Required.

Using Electro-Magnetic technology, the machine induces supramaximal muscle contractions not achievable through exercise (or voluntary contractions).

During normal voluntary muscle contractions the muscle fibers relax between each nervous stimulus. It generates impulses at such a rapid frequency that it doesn’t allow such a relaxation phase. Supramaximal contractions cause an enhanced adrenaline release, which triggers an intensive lipolysis response in fat cells.

When exposed to the supramaximal contractions, the muscle tissue is forced to adapt, responding with a deep remodelling of its inner structure that results in muscle building and fat burning.

Abdomen and Buttocks Handles

Machine Specification

ElectroPulse Machine

  • Power: 2000w
  • Frequency: 1 – 150Hz
  • Intensity: 1.8 Tesla
  • Screen: 12.4 inch High definition LED
  • Control Software: Easy to use interface
  • Pulse Width: 310μs±10%
  • Cooling: Circulated Air
  • Voltage: AC220V±10% 10A 50HZ , 110v±10% 10A 60HZ

Also Included

  • Treatment Handles. 4 Total. Use 2 at a time.
  • Metal Flight Case
  • Manual
  • Clinical Guide
  • Training included

Latest Body Sculpting Technology

Fast, safe, painless muscle building and fat reduction

  • Potential client: Anyone
  • Downtime: None at all
  • How Long will it last: Many months
  • How of ten can one be treated: 2~3 times per week
  • How long per session: 30 minutes
  • How many treatments: 6 ~ 8 recommended
  • Hong long can one have treatments: No limit
EM Sculpt machine body sculpting

Muscle Contraction Mechanism

The machine works on the abdomen area contracting and tightening the muscles to both burn fat and sculpt the area.

This treatment can help you improve the muscle definition that you are already seeing from your fitness routine.

lt is also ideal for addressing that stubborn inch of fat on your stomach that just won’t go away.

Bottom Lift

This machine  works on the buttocks as well, using the same supramaximal muscle contractions as with the abdomen area.

Many patients opt to try this treatment in place of an invasive Brazilian butt lift. This technology delivers  non-invasive butt lift procedure.

This treatment can give you the curvature, tone, and lift that you desire. It is an alternative to the Brazilian Booty Lift procedure and provides a defined shape instead of adding excess fat to the area.

Handles for Leg and Arm Muscle Building

EM Sculpt Leg Handles

Abdomen and Buttocks Handles

EM Sculp Handle
Training Included

You will also receive certified machine operator training from qualified staff which is often a requirement with local councils and insurance companies alike.

Spare Parts Stocked

Spare parts and ongoing servicing available. IPL lamps require changing around every 150,000 shots and we always have them in stock. We will either supply the lamps, or fit them for you.

Assured Quality

This machine is supplied to you from the UK and you receive a full parts and labour UK warranty.

Free Demonstration

A Free Demonstration is recommended so contact us to arrange a viewing.


In addition to machine operational training, to operate the machine on the public a core of knowledge course is required and this can be completed online. You also receive treatment and consultation forms with the machine. These are also essential when carrying out treatments.


This excellent machine has a one year UK parts and labour warranty to ensure that in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong, we get you back treating clients and taking money without delay. For busy clinics, extended fast swap warranties are available.

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