Terms of Sale

Placing an Order

We do not supply to members of the general public.​ By ordering from us, you will be registered as a business customer by us and this will apply to all transactions between us.
When you place an order, we will build a machine specifically for you and you are responsible to make the agreed payments from this time. Unless payment terms have been agreed, full payment must be received as cleared funds in our bank account for your order to be accepted and processed.

If you offer a deposit and we agree to accept this we will accept a deposit payment with your order.
We will arrange for a machine to be built for you at this point and your deposit will be none refundable.
We will supply the machine to you when full payment has been received.

The only exception to the above is if you purchase the machine using funds provided by a finance company in which case we may receive payment from them when you receive and sign for your machine.
Because of this, there is a sign off procedure and an additional delivery and setup charge will be required.
We will inform the finance company when they place the order with us of the amount.

You agree to accept delivery of the machine within 7 days of us contacting you to arrange delivery.

When you receive the machines, you agree to fully complete the signoff process while our engineer is onsite.
If there are any issues upon delivery, you must raise these with the installation engineer before he leaves site so that they can be resolved.
The finance companies sign of process will have been communicated to you by them and you agree to fully complete this while our engineer is onsite.

The sign off process is likely to include the following but can vary.

i) You may be required to call the finance company on the telephone to confirm the installation has been completed.
ii) You may be required to sign documentation either supplied to you direct from the finance company, and/or presented to you by the installation engineer.
If this documentation needs to be posted, or scanned and emailed. You agree to do this while the installation engineer is onsite.

Once the equipment is accepted and signed off by you, we will contact you to arrange and confirm any training with you.

Machine Finance is typically available if you have a good credit rating and you are a home owner or have a home owner guarantor, or you are a business and can provide 3 years books.

We can assist you with this by passing your details to Leasing companies at your request who will get the best deal for you that they can.

They typically offer lease purchase agreements meaning you pay monthly and you will own the machine when all payments have been paid.

As a company, we do not provide finance so any loan/finance agreement will be between yourself and a finance provider.

Machine delivery is usually within 14 – 28 days but please allow up to 40 days currently due to the global supply issues.
You will be given an estimated delivery date when you place your order.
Because these things are beyond our control delivery dates cannot be guaranteed.)

Payment Terms

Payment terms are payment required with order. All products remain the property of Marshalls Cosmetic Machines Ltd until paid for in full. Our preferred payment method is by bank transfer. If you wish to pay by credit or debit card you will be responsible for any charges incurred by us to process your payment. This is typically 3.4%. If payment terms have been agreed, we reserve the right to retrieve the goods from you if payment agreements are not met by you or withhold warranty repair services. Any refunds will be at our discretion.


Damaged or Missing Items

When you receive your order either from us either directly or from a courier, please check the products and product packaging for any damage before signing for it. If the packaging is damaged, do not sign for the package and call us immediately and if possible take photographs of the damage. When you open the packaging, please check the contents for damage and for missing items immediately and report any issues to us within 24 hours. We accept no responsibility for any damage incurred or missing items after this time.



Due to the size and weight of some products. All standard shipping requires that someone is available to assist the courier​ driver when he delivers the shipment. If this cannot be provided. alternative shipping can be arranged at the customer’s cost. Shipping within the UK mainland is included in the machine prices.

*Shipping to other regions and countries will incur additional courier shipping costs. These charges will reflect the actual charge we receive from the courier company.


Warranty and Repair

Our standard warranty covers parts and labour for 12 months from the delivery date. In the unlikely event that your machine does develop a problem, contact us by telephone and email in the first instance. You can then return the defective product to us in the shipping case supplied with the machine at your expense and we will repair the item within a target time frame of 7 working days then ship the machine back to you at our expense. Any parts replaced within the warranty period have a 3 month warranty.

Alternatively, and at our discretion, we may offer you a service exchange unit as a permanent replacement for your failing unit. If you choose this option, it will be a permanent exchange unit.

Machine hand pieces, ND Yag machine tips, IPL/SHR filters, HIFU cartridges and other plugin machine accessories are consumable items and not covered by the standard warranty.

The majority of problems with hand pieces are either the lamp wearing out, or them being dropped, badly jarred or in the case of the tips, dropped or not kept clean.
Upon receipt of a faulty hand piece, we may deem the problem to be a manufacture issue and repair it for free if less than 12 months old at our discretion. Our target repair turnaround is within 7 working days from receiving it in our workshop.

IMPORTANT: Only authorised engineers should service or repair our machines. We cannot guarantee to honour the warranty and we cannot take responsible for the reliability or safety of a machine if worked on by a none authorised person.

IMPORTANT: Many of the machines we supply require regular water changes and water filters. The timelines for this are indicated in the user manual. Failure to perform these changes will void the warranty as both minor and catastrophic failures will be experienced if not performed. Only deionised water should be used.

IMPORTANT: If you wish to avoid machine down time, we recommend that you purchase a replacement consumable items to keep for backup purposes.

IMPORTANT: If items are sent to us for repair and we deem they need to be replaced because they are unsafe to use, we will not return them to you in an unrepaired and unsafe state, This is in the interest of safety to ensure that they are not used inadvertently on clients.

It is important from the outset that you consider the ongoing support costs and implications of support requirements, and how they will affect your business should a problem occur and allocate an amount of your income to cover these ongoing costs.

If payment terms have been agreed when purchasing a machine, we reserve the right to retrieve the goods from you if payment agreements are not met by you or withhold warranty repair services at our discretion.
We understand that you may require an improved warranty so we will be happy to customise extended warranties on a client by client basis. These include onsite engineer services and hot-swap replacement options.​

Ongoing Support

In the unlikely event that your machine does develop a problem after the warranty, contact us by telephone and email enquiry@marshallscosmeticmachines.com in the first instance and we will try to resolve any issues over the telephone (07824429025) or suggest an action plan within 8 working hours. (Our opening hours are 9 am to 4:30 pm excluding weekends and bank holidays.)​

If it is agreed that we need to look at your machine in the workshop, you can return the defective product to us in the shipping case supplied with the machine at your expense and we will repair the item within a target time frame of 7 working days then ship the machine back to you at your expense also. You will be charged for engineer time and any parts used will be charged.

Training Courses Supplied With Machines
Training for one person is included within the price of our machines. With Laser machines, an Online Core of Knowledge training course is also supplied for one person.
The training will be delivered at our training room in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.
We will also be happy to provide training for you at your location also if required, and for additional people and we will discuss this with you when you make a purchase an an alternative option.

Training Course Bookings When Not Part of a Machine Purchase
You will not be confirmed onto a training course until full payment is received by us. Your payment is none refundable but if you inform us 14 days or more before the course date that you cannot attend, we can reschedule your attendance on a future course depending on availability.​

(Training Course Certificates)
Manufacturer machine operation training certificates are available for £25 each. Duplicate training certificates will only be supplied to the company or person who paid for training courses because we consider them to be the owner.

Consequential Loss

We do not accept any responsibility for any loss of earnings or any other consequential losses incurred by you resulting from product failure or delay in delivery or repair.
By ordering from us, you will be registered as either a sole trader or limited company business customer by us and this will apply to all transactions between us. We do not supply to members of the public.​